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Conventional Palletizer-High Level

High Level Conventional Palletizer Model MD-02
Conventional Palletizer can be classified into Low level and High level.
High level means the cartons (bags) are conveyed to an overhead height and then arrange the products and palletize; Low level means the cartons(bags) are conveyed on ground level.

XingPack high level palletizer is usually used in bags industry, it has the below advantages:
* The best palletized result, the finished pallet is good pattern, the bags are not easy to slide off;
* High speed: the desired speed can reach 1600bags per hour, it is the quickest way to palletize;
* Keep the bags safe at the most, it is not easy to damage bags;
* Long lifetime: min. 15 years; 
* Can be used in high altitude area;
* Cost effective.
Its disadvantage is the bigger space.