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Mobile Robot Palletizer

The Mobile Robot Palletizer, also called Easy Palletizer,  can be moved by a forklift and connected to the end of production line, it can be used to work to pick and place cartons onto a pallet.

There are two pallet stations on each side of the palletizer, the palletizer will first place the cartons on one side pallet, after it is full, the palletizer will place the cartons on the other side pallet.

The moveable robot palletizer combines 6-axis robot and moveable platform, and is applied flexibly in different line ends.

movable robot palletizer -1.jpg


-Easy to Use:  It can be pushed by a person to move and easy to use.

-Safe and Flexible: The palletizer has fence, which can be moved together with the whole palletizer, just connect electric power supply and air supply. 

-The program is easy and can be set to repeat of manual operating routes.

-Common communication ports, wireless connection and remote assistance.

movable robot palletizer -3.jpg

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