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Corrugated Carton Strapping Bundler

High performance automatic bundler is specially designed for corrugated carton industry.
It can work with strap width 5,6,9 mm and standard arch size is W 1650 x H 500 mm; W 1250/1450 x H 500 mm as optional per request.
Easy operation as OFF-LINE or integrate with existing IN-LINE conveyor system. XingPack 3-sides squaring machine CS1 could be integrated in front of it and complete your production-line ideally. 

Mitsubishi PLC
Safety interlock
Looping ejector
One piece tracking system
Double bar with rubber press
Smooth & high speed feeding
Waist auto loading system
Capable to run narrow & light strap
Dispenser swing 90 degree for easy loading
HMI touch screen control panel, user friendly
High speed servo motor direct driving system
Heavy duty knurled roller conveyor, speed adjustable 

Arch size: 1450(W) x 500(H)mm / 1250(W) x 500(H)mm