XingPack 20th anniversary celebrations

Column:News Time:2016-06-20
June 18, XingPack celebrated its 20th anniversary.

June 18, XingPack group celebrated its 20th annivesary in the factory located in Kunshan Suzhou city China.

The group president, Mr. Xia Weixing gave the first speech. He said that the 20 years can be divided into two stages: the first 10 years XingPack focused on sales,  living for survival; the second 10 years XingPack focused on R&D, fighting for brand reputation.  In the past, XingPack learned lessons and got experiences. In the next few years, XingPack will provide by Intelligent, Flexible and Informative automatic solutions.

President Mr Xia was giving speech.

Also the mayor of Kunshan, Mr. Jin Jianhong, also delivered a speech, hoping XingPack to keep competitive in Quality, Price and Service in the market.

Mr. Jin Jianhong was delivering a speech.


XingPack set up strategic relationship with Jiangnan university, as the most important practice base for the university, which will also do good to continue XingPack technicians year by year. 

XingPack and Jiangnan university Cooperation

XingPack important suppliers and customers also participated the celebration and sign their names for future cooperation.